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Chilliwack's Settlement History
  • Community of Villages   ( 15 Articles )

    The City of Chilliwack is a vast geographical area at the eastern end of the Lower Fraser Valley. The City is composed of a number of smaller communities, each with its own identity and unique history. Some of these communities trace their origins to gold rush times while others are linked to 20th century events. Politically they are tied together through a single government, the City of Chilliwack.

  • The Land   ( 6 Articles )

    Chilliwack is located on a floodplain. The Fraser River passes the community on the north while the Chilliwack and Vedder River systems bisect the southern half of the community.Numerous streams and creeks flow off the nearby mountains and, in the past, deposited their water on the floodplain. The area is home for the Stó:lō, the People of the River, who have inhabited the region for 10,000 years or more. The environment was incredibly rich. The rivers were full of salmon while the lakes provided refuge for all manner of bird and fish life.

  • Early Settlers   ( 44 Articles )

    The landscape changed in 1858 when word of gold finds in the canyons of the Fraser River filtered to California and the Eastern United States and Canada. Between June and December of 1858, 30,000 gold seekers found their way to the area. Most passed through the Chilliwack area but some remained.