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Learn about the Agricultural History of Chilliwack
  • Pre-Emptions   ( 1 Article )

    Pre-emption was a method of acquiring provincial Crown land by claiming it for settlement and agricultural purposes.

  • Dairy   ( 5 Articles )

    The dairy industry has always been the backbone of Chilliwack’s agricultural past. The story of the dairy industry is over 130 years old and is partially documented in this section.

  • Organizations   ( 4 Articles )

    Nurturing the agricultural community are a number of organizations. Most can claim scientific or educational goals as their reasons to exist. Underlying all of the groups though is a sense that by working together the quality of life in a community can be enhanced. Many of these groups remain vital forces within the community.

  • Fruit and Vegetables   ( 3 Articles )

    Areas of East Chilliwack were once known as the garden of the community. The rich peat bogs, once drained, provided some of the richest agricultural land in the Province. Even today, peas, raspberries, cauliflower, corn, broccoli, blueberries and brussel sprouts are important. The history of the fruit and vegetable industry however dates to before the turn of the century.

  • Youth & Agriculture   ( 4 Articles )

    Agricultural education has interested generations of Chilliwack residents and schools have played a huge role in advancing the industry.

  • Feed and Mills   ( 5 Articles )

    Processing feed and grains has involved a number of companies in Chilliwack.Most were small family owned operations, in keeping with the traditions of the community. In more recent years, the smaller companies have closed as the larger agri-businesses have come to dominate the markets.

  • Other Agriculture   ( 4 Articles )

    There are some agricultural pursuits that defy categories. A number are profiled in this section. It should be recognized that this section will grow as more information is gathered.