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Chilliwack's Great War at Home and Overseas

The exhibit honours the memory of those from Chilliwack whose lives were impacted and changed forever by the First World War – a war referred to at the time as the “Great War”, and as the “War to end all wars”. The exhibit highlights the contributions and sacrifices made by the community of Chilliwack in support of Canada’s military commitment overseas, and reflects upon the different ways those who served in the war continue to be remembered, both at home and abroad. View our online War Memorial.

August 4, 2014 - October 5, 2015

T'xwelatse: We Have to Learn to Live Together in a Good Way

"We have to learn together to live together in a good way" is a lesson that rings as true today as it did during the first contact between early European settlers and Aboriginal Peoples. The exhibit, based on the lesson by Stone T’xwelátse: an ancestor of the Stó:lō, encourages visitors to imagine what the meeting of these two world viewpoints resulted in as thousands of newcomers gathered in the Chilliwack area during the 1858 gold rush. Topics explored include: The Chilliwack Story, Gold Rush Gateway, Time Immemorial, Farms and Fences, and Faces of the Past.