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Our Collections

The Chilliwack Museum has an expansive and amazing collection, having collected objects since 1958. The entire collection can be accessed by searching online.

Artifact Collection:

Chilliwack covers a vast geographical area in the eastern Fraser Valley. We collect objects and archives material that documents the history of an area that stretches from the Fraser River in the north to the United States border in the south, and from the Vedder Canal in the west to Popkum Indian reserve in the east. We preserve these collections in climate controlled buildings, recognizing our responsibility to future generations.

Education Collection:

We also accept objects for our education collection. This collection includes objects that may have no history associated with Chilliwack, but nevertheless, show aspects of earlier lifestyles. These objects get used, mainly in school programs, and may deteriorate over time because of this use.

Archival Collection:

The Chilliwack Archives contain City of Chilliwack records, original newspapers, maps, artwork and other paper, film, and digital media that relate to the history of Chilliwack and area. These collections are widely accessed from visitors as they perform research for publications, reports, site audits, family trees, school assignments, films, or even just obtaining photographs for displays or decor.

Library Collection:

The Archives has a library of local and relevant books relating to the history and geography of Chilliwack and area.  Our library is a great place to start your research.

Photograph Collection:

The Chilliwack Museum and Archives photograph collection exceeds 100,000 photographs. Our photographs are prized by community members, authors, film makers, reporters, interior designers and genealogists. We have images from the Chilliwack Progress, postcards, film and video, artwork and historic photographs from all corners of Chilliwack. Photographs are available for reproduction.